Botanical Gold Chrome Balloon Arch

Craft a Jaw-Dropping Style to the Party with This Gold Chrome Balloon Arch!

Featuring a huge 55 balloons in the box, this gold chrome balloon arch transforms even the barest party venue into an eye-catching masterpiece!

Inside the box, you’ll find clear balloons filled with white and gold confetti, cream white balloons, and super shiny gold chrome balloons!

This kit requires no helium either, simply inflate using a balloon pump and attach together with the included balloon tape!

Set Contains
  • 7x 12″ Gold Chrome Latex Balloons
  • 8x 12″ White Latex Balloons
  • 1x 18″ White Latex Balloon
  • 11x 12″ White Pearl Balloons
  • 20x 5 White Balloons
  • 8x 12″ Confetti Filled Latex Balloons
  • 4m Balloon Tape and Glue Dots
  • Set of instructions