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Groom Graland/Mala

Along with the groom's outfit, let us add to the charm with our selection of garlands/malas for groom. Artisanically created in authentic blooms, these timeless creations combine qualities of both sophistication and tradition. We have classic designs with roses and jasmine, as well as modern styles making use of tropical flowers and greenery so that we have something for every taste. These are not just accessories but, they come with the symbolic values as expressions of devotion and commitment. We are choosy about our selection of each bloom for sweet fragrance, stunning visual beauty and the mesmerizing aroma that can change your wedding atmosphere. It has been our effort to bring something for everyone from basic styles to grandiose designs. We want to achieve that perfect balance between versatility and elegance, so you can find exactly the dress you were dreaming about for your most important day. Help us make those weddings again the magnificent celebration they once used to be! Visit our Collection - freshly made every day and based on what you find more interesting